Inspecting the Panforte, a traditional Italian dessert

containing fruits and nuts.

Visit Martinottis' downtown, just a couple of blocks from Powell's Books, at 404 SW 10th Ave Portland, OR 97205. 

​If you’d like to give Frank a call with any questions regarding his store or the products he carries you can call him at;  (503) 224-9028. 

Store hours:  8:30 – 7:30 M-F and 10:00 – 6:00 on Saturdays.

At the caffé, Frank suggested his famous House Italian sandwich with of course, a side of lasagna.  
Frank’s Italian sandwich is made with seven different meats and cheeses from his deli and is served on a warm ciabatta roll. The ciabatta, was especially created for Martinottis' by Grand Central Baking Co. Frank stated that it took him 35 years to perfect his sandwich to this level. 

Frank served us a beautiful glass of red wine, originating from Fattoria di Petroio in the heart of Tuscany’s beautiful Chianti Hills. 

​Frank’s wine selection, developed by his late father, Armand Martinotti, is enormous and eclectic.  He says many of his loyal customers over the years come in solely for his rare and hard to find wine selections. 

Every inch of Martinottis' is filled with some type of Italian treat, from candies to pastas and even an Italian Alka-Selzer of sorts called Galeffi Effervescent, just in case you are inclined to over-indulge. 

Frank Martinotti, owner and manager says, “It is good to keep a bottle around, not only does it work, it tastes good too!”

Martinottis' opened their doors in December of 1978 and have since been welcoming guests with an old-fashioned European feel that is palpable.  You will find yourself immediately transported across seas and be mesmerized by the hundreds of bottles of wine and the lovely salamis and cheeses brimming the deli case.  

The Martinotti Family when they opened in 1978

Store front of present day Martinottis'

Martinottis'  Delicatessen