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November Event


November 10, 2020

8:00 pm

Zoom Meeting

Italian Christmas: Stories and Traditions from North to South
Antimo Cimino

PLEASE NOTE: We will be meeting one hour later than our normally scheduled time because we will be hosting a few international guests who will be waking up extra early to attend.

Antimo Cimino

This is a very exceptional presentation to swing into the Italian Christmas mood and start putting the tragedies of 2020 behind.

Thanks to Antimo Cimino who will be the moderator of the upcoming meeting, we will hear from four of his friends directly from Italy (all excited to get up at the crack of dawn to join us live!). Igor Scomparin from Venice, Bice Della Piana from Salerno, Daniela Leopizzi from Lecce, and Agata Di Fede from Catania. They will be sharing regional Christmas stories and traditions unique to their regions to give us a sense of similarities and differences in the Italian Culture.

A little bit about Antimo:

Antimo Cimino is the founder of the Experiential Travel Company VoomaGo ( as well as the CEO of Cultural Global Labs ( These two companies are the perfect reflection of Antimo's passion for Travel, Language, Culture, Food, Experiences, Diversity & Inclusion, Leadership and Wellness.

Antimo was born and raised in Puglia, the town of Manduria home of the most famous red wine, Primivito di Manduria!

Antimo has a Master Degree in Intercultural Relations and speaks six languages fluently!

You'll fall in love with it all! Antimo, his friends, and their stories. You won't want to miss this kick off to the holiday season!! We can hardly wait!!

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