Check Out Some Photos From Our Past Events

My Big Fat "Mock" Italian Wedding Reception

Gnocchi making class

Best of Spring - Gardening & Biscotti

Lecture from author Roger Sabbadini about an Italian Jewish Soldier’s

Scott Sabbadini takes us through a year in the life of a vineyard. Captivating process.

Pasquale Madeddu and his son from Caffè Umbria gave a stellar presentation about coffee from the trees, to beans, to roasting and finished product. Quite an informative and entertaining meeting!

Wine tasting paired with cheese and meats at New Seasons. We learned a lot and tasted a lot!

Tuscan Countryside painting party at Love Bites by Carnie. There must be at least one Picasso among us.

Angela Zagarella had our group captivated with her presentation.

Cork Presentation by Jamie from Willamette Valley Vineyards. He is very knowledgeable in cork usage with wine. Meeting capped with a tasting of Willamette Valley wines. A good time was had by all!

Christmas celebration. Pina di Rosa and Tim Uecker sang Italian songs and weaved Christmas tunes into the evening of fun and good food.

Documentary film and arousing discussion around the role of organized crime in Italy during Angela Zagarella’s presentation.

Joe Cavalli’s presentation was eye-opening with the information he presented at the meeting about the Jewish population and communities in Italy dating back to 161 BC.

Anna and Frank talked about olive oil co-ops in Italy and shared some taste tests with the members.

Italian Dinner for Hope Diner Project

Our first event making the dinner & serving

Sandro Paolini of Pinolo Gelato presents his gelato story.

Wende Kirkland gave a fabulous presentation on wine starting from the rich soils and how they ended up in the Willamette Valley to the bottled product.

In August, we took a trip to Willamette Valley Vineyards.

September was the perfect month to have a tomato sauce taste-off. Fun was had by all and it was tasty too!

October’s gathering showcased a cooking class on how to make Ricotta Cheese. It can be made in less than one hour.

In November we played Tombola (Italian bingo).

We had a lot of winners!

We practiced our numbers in Italian.