September Event

Celebrating Naples - A Journey Through History


Anita Sanseverino

Anita Sanseverino from the East Coast focused on the illustrious history of this once royal kingdom going back to her origins as Parthenope, the Greek city which was the beginning of Naples. She took us through this history, with the various rulers who occupied Naples, and why the unification of Italy might not have been the best thing to happen to the city. And she discussed why Naples should be on everyone's list to visit!

Here is a link to her recorded presentation: Celebrating Naples

For Anita's bio, click here: Anita Sanseverino Bio. Check out her web page at

For films, art, music, and famous people resources for Naples click here. NAPLES


Italy's Many Voices: 50 Shades of Latin


Angela Zagerella

Angela presented a history of the Italian language and the complex linguistic landscape of regional languages, aka 'dialects'.

This event was not recorded.